Forever is Yours is coming!

‘Forever is Yours’ is finished! I typed ‘the end’ on Monday night so it is now ready for editing and formatting. You’ll all have it in September. Stay tuned for release dates. Can’t wait to share Grayson and Olivia’s story! X

7 thoughts on “Forever is Yours is coming!

    • So pleased that you enjoyed it Rhonda. The next one isn’t far away. I’ll keep you all posted of the release date.
      Wendy X

  1. I love love your books, I read forever is mine loved Ava and Ethan, then read side by side ohhhh loved loved Ethan and Katy Lou… I can’t wait for your next edition.. You have a devoted fan.

    • Thanks so much for your email. I am so pleased that you enjoyed ‘Forever is Mine’ and ‘Side by Side’, not long until the next one releases.
      Thanks again,
      Wendy X

  2. I love your books so much your such a talented author and I can’t wait for Forever is mine . I was wondering if I could per-order it on amazon ?

    • Hi Chloe

      I am so pleased that you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for writing to let me know how much you liked it. You can’t pre-order at this stage, but keep close to my website and Facebook page for the release date. I can tell you that it is really close – not far away at all – so stay tuned…

      Thanks again for letting me know how much you enjoyed it,

      Wendy X

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